There is an urgent, new strike wave crisscrossing all over the US. From Starbucks baristas, Amazon workers, film and TV writers and actors, to auto workers, railroad workers and miners, both working and middle class American families are demanding a more just and fair future of work. That’s the good news. The bad news is that corporations and the political establishment want to smother it. 

American Union presents a timely intersectional angle between traditional vs. new labor organizing when a group of determined families take on Warrior Met Coal, a Wall Street backed coal company who conspires to starve their families and break their union. Meanwhile, nearby Amazon workers launch a campaign to unionize the eCommerce giant who tries to stop them at all costs.

With their loved ones’ futures at stake, these courageous families embark on an arduous journey, igniting the longest strike in Alabama’s history and a historic union drive that captured the world’s attention. 

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